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cz.usazepim.gq B2ST member Yoseob discussed issues related to dating and his thoughts about his fellow member's public relationship, catching the attention of viewers. On the latest episode of Mnet 's ' Beatles Code 2 ', Yoseob piqued the curiosity of many when he revealed that a female idol member had approached him before and revealed her feelings. He began, "After I debuted, I was approached by a female idol, but I was unable to accept her feelings for me.


As an idol and a member of a group, I didn't want to bring harm to others. Even now, we're still close friends.

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Yoseob honestly expressed his mind state at the time: It was a difficult time. To be honest, it wasn't a time when they were prepared to make their relationship public. So, the day the news broke out, I kept checking on the situation every hour through my phone.

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