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They talk about getting rid of Audrey so soon was risky for them they could all be home right now. Vanessa- that was the solution I thought of for him AUstin — once he feels safe with us he might throw it again.

Austin says Meg and James are good for their until someone come back. He thinks the goblins are hoping for Jackie to come back. Liz says Julia needs to start winning and getting more into the game. Liz — you really need to win one.. They agree to split the winnings. Julia is nervous about having Johnnymac win the HOH.

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Julia adds the only reason she wants to keep Meg and James is because they will go after Steve. Julia says it was laughable that Becky backdoored Vanessa and her group never voted Vanessa out. Gotta love those goblins. Julia — Me you and Austin till the end.. She wonders who else. Liz says Meg is great for the 4th person. Austin — you know me I love gambling.

They agree Vanessa is starting to be like her old self. Steve is worried that the goblins will form up a threesome. And we all know the juggernaut the goblins are in this game Liz and Julia agree Austin tells them if they backdoor Vanessa next week then Jackie comes back.. Austin — I think the idea is she and Johnnymac are the shields.

BB17 - Johnny Mac makes fun of the twins

Austin says Steve is convinced he can get Jamc to work with them by the end of the week. Austin goes into the shower. Austin — Becky, unless she comes out with some serious Johnnymac sh1t Austin warns them that Vanessa is starting to work the house again. Austin says Jmac is ready to take Vanessa out. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Amazon Purchases Purchase your Amazon goods through our link. Those Ads are auto generated based off of your browsing history — so stop googling romance with Filipinos, and you should see that take care of itself. Maybe try searching for puppies or something more suitable for the life you like lead in the open, and we can keep the creepy dating sites in the back corner of your internet. Was is Vanessa doing.

Becky’s getting evicted “unless she comes out with some serious Johnnymac sh1t “

Steves been her protecting BFF all along. You think only Van is after you.

Loyal to everyone means loyal to none. And Steve calls you his minion. This is how professional poker players make their money. This is known as Bum Hunting. I really do not want John to win next HOH, the HOH after the jury return is more important and John needs to win that one because John can regroup and get ready for the second DE after the jury return.

I just want John to win POV next week. A fun twist on BBCAN3 was where Sindy-with-an-S won the Comeback challenge, so she was back in the house for sure, but she had to win a challenge in order to win herself safety for a week. She managed to find all the things she needed to unlock her safety, otherwise as everyone knows, anyone who comes back gets put up and evicted. Ok Vanessa making a stakes deal. Vanessa says she and her gf get scared so they have a shotgun in the house.

Vanessa with shotguns, and she said Mel has probably already found someone else. Why would Mel have left her? Is she hotel hopping? Staying ahead of creditors?

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Can you imagine Vanessa mad at you because you want to break up?? Do you guys realize how good Vanessa is at poker. She was a PokerStars top Pros. Regarding gun control another respectable poker player called Theo Jorgansen got shot in his Danish home because 2 young kids came into his home trying to steal money. It is a definite scare when you are a well known high stakes poker player let alone a woman. Online poker is legal in Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey. She lives in Las Vegas, so she can play online all she wants.

So do I, what of it? I also have a Ruger. Johnny mac and james are getting more and more attractive.

Johnny Mac And Becky Dating

But that may be because I have to look at disgusting Austin so much recently. Id actually go for steve at this point. Vanessa is back to old self…because she has a new scam in the works. She seems to be the power player no one is taking seriously. This past few days she has shown exactly why she is leading the prediction boards. I heard Vegas has her 2 — 1. Of course Vanessa has gone from doubling down on deals and tears to splitting winnings me gmailing it or whatever. Of course she has. My mind will be blown too. I found his obsession with clelli a bit off putting and just down right weird.

None of these people are game to be his fourth and win nothing.

big brother johnny mac and becky dating

Raise your hand if you wish you were Mel. James should be thinking I have to get rid of Liz first, that will at least break up the three headed snake. Then, only after that, go after Steve or Vanessa.. Watching this show from the beginning never thought James would be the one I would be rooting for………he won me over!

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Rooting for James now says more about how horrible the other players are. Your email address will not be published. Johnny Mac, you played with Vanessa who was a little bit of a micromanager also. So, how was she able to get as far as she was trying to control everything and not running into these kinds of situations.

Johnny Mac And Becky Dating. He then immediately cast the sole vote to evict Vanessa after praising her strategic game. Meg was optimistic about a potential friendship with Jace, as she observed that their personalities were similarly excitable and bubbly.