Can twins be missed at dating scan

They did the first ultra sound and only found one baby then she asked, are you sure there aren't any more in there? Yes the tech says, low and behold at the 18 week scan they found out she was right she was carrying twins.

So you never know! Good luck at your next appointment Cheers: My baby B was missed until an ultrasound at 22 weeks. He was never picked up on doppler or an ultrasound at about 15 weeks.

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In retrospect, there were many, many clues that he was there, but no one put them together. Mellizos , Aug 8, Thank you all for your replies! I really appreciate it! You know, the biggest reason I wanted to even have that ultra was because I wanted to confirm my suspicions, LOL. When the tech did it, I asked her, "are you sure there is not another one? That is what I did when I first went in, scanned for two.

I always do that.

Can twins be missed at a 7 week ultrasound? | Bub Hub

I have the screen on the wall, and I saw her scan, it was less than 2 seconds, very fast, and once she spotted the baby, she certainly did not check again. Maybe I am crazy, but imo that scan was pretty fast and blurry. I am no expert though. I should have my next ultra around 15 weeks. If there are two, I certainly will be back. I almost joined before I had the ultra.

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I swear that is how strong the feeling was. Makes me feel nuts! Maybetwinmama , Aug 8, I could feel the girls move at 14 weeks. They did a Doppler at 22 weeks and only found one hb. TwinxesMom , Aug 8, I had an ultrasound at 6weeks and had ONE baby For some reason, I felt I was having twins from the start with my 2nd pregnancy which was totally odd. It is possible, but probably not probable. MNTwinSquared , Aug 8, Had an ultrasound at 6weeks and only saw one baby, had another ultrasound at 11 weeks and we found the second one!! Momof2wonders , Aug 8, I can only go by my own experience tho since we always saw 2 from so early on All heartbeat checks after that only picked up one.

We did not find out until our third sono, which was done at 14 weeks. MrsWright , Aug 8, My OB told me that she never checks for twins with a Doppler because more than likely she won't hear the second heartbeat anyway. I was one of those that knew something was very different with my twin pregnancy as well. Good luck to you!!

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  6. Utopia , Aug 8, I had an ultrasound at 4 weeks -one black hole of nothing. Then I had one at 6 weeks-black hole bigger-looks like a little white circle was inside. Then at 11 weeks my husband and I jokingly asked the doc if that was the only baby in there and he rolled his eyes a bit and said yes of course I had WAY more morning sickness, so I had it in my head it may be twins.

    Missed Twin On Ultrasound? It Can Happen - My Crazy Story

    We had an US at 12 weeks, where my OB found one baby and stated he thought I was gestationally farther along due to the size of my uterus. Which I thought was weird And then at my nuchal scan, at 14 weeks, the tech "found" the other baby! Either they didn't measure the baby right at the scan or there is another one hiding, can't think of any other explanation. A friend of ours found out twins at 6 months, then at labour doc said it was triplets so he was doing a c-sec and they pulled out 4.

    I know someone who was told at 8 weeks she was having twins, at 10 weeks they counted 3. Its possible, but an early HPT means pretty much nothing.

    Anyone's twin missed on early ultra or doppler?

    Alos, Id stick to your dates - my early scan was half a week off, and ive stuck with the dates from my 12 week scan. So I suspect patience is the key. By Fluffbum in forum Baby's Gender. With unique environments that What do you do to make money from home? Encouraging milk to come in after cesarean Breastfeeding Support. Egg Donation Greece 15 Egg Donation. Lazy parenting or genius Preschools and Schools. Suffering from Morning Sickness and Nausea? Our best selling-EmeTerm is a new non-invasive device that uses electrical stimulation technology to prevent and relieve morning sickness. Clinically proven No Side-Effects, so it won't affect the bub. With unique environments that are both inspiring and challenging, the passionate educators and program philosophy aims to give children the best opportunities. The opinions expressed on the Bub Hub Forum are those of our members only and comments made, unless otherwise stated, are not endorsed by the Bub Hub or any organisations that endorse or are associated with the Bub Hub.

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