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They get it wrong, more than 3 times. But once they get it perfect, will a romance bloom?

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Meanwhile, Maia stays with the Lynch's but will a certain someone fall for her? Spoiler Alert On Rockaia Part. This chapter will be short. I don't see anything.

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  4. The main thing on the cover is about 1D. There were some replies. Then I saw Laura's tweet. I read some of her replies.

    Ross Lynch Fanfiction- Bad Boy Good Lips

    I didn't know so many people wanted us together. She was pretty, smart and loved music, but she wasn't Laura. None of them were Laura.

    And Laura, the only girl I want to date, is busy setting me up on another date. Story told from Laura's POV. He loved his job, he loved his fans, but he hated the scandals and rumors that were always made about him. This whole thing with him and Maia dating was getting out of hand. Well he had his eyes on someone else. Home by like damn reviews Raura. He's only been away from her for three days and he misses her. It's not even one of those simple 'I miss you's', it's one of those 'I miss you, miss you.

    Like really miss you that I'm going absolutely crazy without you', type of things. Needless to say he misses her. He waits backstage for her because she wants to make sure he's alright after the whole Miley thing. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Where we are now a Raura oneshot by in-love-with-barricade-boys reviews just a little idea i had here's the scenario: K - English - Chapters: He promised he'd be there for her, but he's not.

    But why did I feel butterflies on my stomach?

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    Just forget about this and pretend it never happened. I have a History test today, I have to focus on school and my career and forget about guys! Not so far from her, there was in his dressing room, standing in front of the mirror, Ross Lynch. I'm sure she liked it, I can tell by the way she looked… she was so lost in the moment and her lips kinda tasted like GoGurt".

    Ross walked out from his dressing room and wondered if Laura was already on her way to school.

    She wasn't actually, she was still in her dressing room with the door open, revising her History notes, but somehow she wasn't really focused. I can't just relax, this is important, it's school!

    Raura Fanfiction Dating

    And this test is going to be very hard, and if I don't take an A I'm gonna ruin my record of straight As, and I won't be accepted in any University, I have to revi- Ross did the exact same thing Austin did with Ally, not so long ago. He interrupted her with a kiss. This kiss was more passionate, more intimate. It was their kiss.

    Laura after a few seconds kissed him back. He was surprised at first, but sadly oxygen was needed and they pulled apart. There was now an awkward silence, Laura was looking her feet and Ross was staring at her smiling. Laura was standing there, blushing, not able to do anything, she just kept reviewing the whole scene in her head. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.


    Laura, on the other hand, didn't seem very comfortable when people asked about Raura, she would do anything to change the subject. Give it a try, please! I don't own anything, of course… Enjoy!