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And the FCM50t is just pointless and needs a huge buff. It has no armor so a firepower upgrade would allow it to be relevant again. It could happen that a new Defender is created, and premium Tanks will not be nerfed once the buff goes on live servers. IS6 needs to get the gun of IS5 and it will be ok tank. Like Liked by 1 person.

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Uber slow tanks with trash alpha are useless Kv-5, Jtiger 88, t26e4 — even if they had dpm, which they dont, theyd still be meh. Best meme is that jtiger 88 doesnt even have a turret, alpha on a tier 8 TD with no turret and is incredibly slow. Not to mention german TDs arent even good other than skorpion g, so who needs a german premium TD for training crews….

KV-5 and Jagdtiger 8,8 are incredibly slow?

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Jagd can easily go 38 on flat ground, KV-5 can also get to around 35 easily. I agree, slowness is the hardest thing to compensate for.

You need really massive armor or an incredible Derp cannon. Just ask a TOG owner- if you can find one who still plays it. Feel slightly better for unskilled person like me. At least it turn better so I can face my enemy b4 I die. No need to buff armor they just need a buff in pen to counter play tanks..

It needs a 4 skill crew, but then it is quite decent. There are always players who do well with odd tanks and will welcome these changes. Speedy, WG really has to watch out with buffing any armor. As it adds to the further downward spiral the game is currently in. Both scenarios are not wanted I think. Make their apcr default and add in new prem heat round.

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This pmm solution cannot be done induavidily without simultaneously addressing other issues of balance as well. Would that pen buff affect both tanks? That L71 is too small, they should have given it the L Could be awesome with that gun Not Skorpion like but better than now! And they are deliberately vague about armor improvements. Of course their testers approve all sorts of wild crap so they are probably smart to take baby steps. It was a shitty tank and it will a worst shitty tank. Any tier 8… ok.. And right now how many tier 9? It is a good tanks only if all 15 tanks are tier 8 o down.

Infact wz is one of premium tier 8 less played, if not the first in the list.



The FCM is probably the worst tier 8 premium tank. The easiest way to balance the FCM is to change its tier to level 7 and its category into a medium tank. Well rejoice my dear Jagdtiger and FCM u are going to be buffed!! You are commenting using your WordPress.

The First Stage—What Has Been Done

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And we're here to tell you all about it. Check out this great event! The WZ's AP shells are perfect for close-range combat when aimed at enemy weak spots, while its HEAT High-Explosive Anti-Tank shells have a terrific mm penetration potential and can threaten even the toughest tier IX tanks, while good alpha single-shot damage amply compensates for the WZ's mediocre accuracy and low rate of fire. It gets even better -- HEAT shells don't lose penetration if they travel a longer distance. With its pike nose, the WZ can successfully brawl "head-on" with enemies, rather than needing to angle its armor.

The WZ can fulfill several roles on the battlefield -- It's able to reach and hold critical map points early in a battle, before enemy heavies get there, and can "out-spot" and effectively out range them for other allied vehicles. Mid-battle, it's able to quickly relocate, and effectively hold key areas of the map, and lead flank attacks in unexpected areas.

Keep in mind this is a consumable , meaning it needs to be replenished after each battle.